Requirements to Visit HSR

Scouts Canada introduced a new Volunteer Screening Policy as of September 1, 2012.
Those over 18 year of age visiting HSR must complete the following requirements:
1.  Child and Youth Safety Training.
2.  Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening.
3.  Code of Conduct document.

Current Scouts Canada registered leaders will have already completed these requirements.  If you are a registered leader, bring a print out from MyScouts the screen showing the ‘My Training’ tab.

Child and Youth Safety Training

Child and Youth Safety training is available online, and must be done prior to visiting HSR.  This training is required for anyone 18 years of age and older visiting HSR, not just those staying overnight in camp.

Step 1 – Create an Account with
1. Go to
2. Under the statement:

Online Self-Registration
Have you or your child/charge ever registered or taken training with Scouts Canada?  Click on the Yes button if you or your child/charge has ever been registered with Scouts Canada.  Click on the No button if you have never been registered with Scouts Canada

3.    Enter your information and click Create Account.
The Child and Youth Safety training is available online once you have logged in to MyScouts.

Step 2 – Take the Training
1. Log into
2. Click on the word Training to the right of the Scouts Canada logo.
3. Read the Quick Instructions and the information in the grey box, and watch the video under the “Taking training for the first time?”.
4. Finally click on the E-Learning Login button below the Scouts Canada logo
5. Ensure that you enroll in the Child and Youth Safety course (as per the Instructions).  If you view the video but do not enrol in the course, it will not be recorded that you did the training.  You can confirm your enrolment by opening the Training Catalogue and clicking on the Child and Youth Safety item.
6. Complete the three Parts of the training.
7. Print verification that you have completed the training, to bring with you to HSR.  Do this on the main ‘User Dashboard’ page, by clicking on the ‘My Training’ tab.  MyScoutsTraining screen shot

Police Record Check (PRC) and Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS)

This is the same PRC requirement as previous years.   PRCs are required for those 18 years of age and older and staying overnight at HSR.  PRCs are accepted by Scouts Canada for three years. You can see information on obtaining a PRC here.

Bring a print out or copy of your PRC with you to HSR.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct document needs to be signed by anyone visiting HSR.  Copies will be available during check-in, however, you access the document in advance here.

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