Proposed changes to HSRSA governing documents

Attached you will find a copy of the proposed revised governing document for the association. The changes as shown within the document are hereby presented to the general membership who will be able to accept, or not accept these proposed changes via proxy or by vote at the Annual General Meeting to be held at Haliburton Scout Reserve Sunday August 10, 2014

Governing Docs revised May 2014


Alumni Weekend 2014

Alumni Weekend header

Friday, August 8th – Sunday, August 10th

Many of us had our doubts after the 83rd day of January this year, but it now appears that Summer 2014 is actually going to happen, and that means that the annual Haliburton Scout Reserve Staff Alumni Weekend is just around the corner. Whether it’s an annual tradition for you or you haven’t been back to the shores of Kennabi for a while, we would like to welcome you!

Full information and online registration now online here

2013 Bursary Recipient

Winner of the 2013 HSRSAA Bursary Award

Winner of the 2013 HSRSAA Bursary Award

The Haliburton Scout Reserve Staff Alumni Association is proud to continue its tradition of awarding a bursary each year to a member of the current staff who is beginning or continuing his or her post-secondary education when this summer ends. 24 bursaries have been awarded since 1998, and the winner of the 25th is Jacob Ursulak.

Jacob started at HSR as a camper in 2008, joining the staff in 2010. During that time, he has worked with Alumni member Ken Wrigglesworth to reinvigorate the Trapper’s Cabin program, won a purple bead and shared a Supervisor’s Award. Given the reaction in the Hub when his name was announced (a loud, sincere and heartfelt standing ovation), there is no doubt that many of his HSR friends could add something to this list of accomplishments.

This fall, he is attending the University of Waterloo to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering, and the HSRSAA is very pleased to be able to make a contribution towards making that possible.

Congratulations Jacob!

Trails Weekend 2013

Friday, October 4 – Sunday, October 6

One of the Alumni Association’s on-going projects is the maintenance of the Haliburton Scout Reserve hiking trail system. Each year, Trails Weekend is held in the fall for alumni to perform the work. The tasks done depend on the number of volunteers who attend, the condition of the trails and whether there are any “special” projects required on the trails or at the camp on that particular weekend.

Trails Weekend typically offers some spectacular fall colours with the chance for current and former staff of all ages to work and socialize together. Meals and accommodations in HSR cabins are provided to volunteers.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Register for the Trails Weekend, online below or by email, before September 29, 2013 (Important for planning the work and getting food).

2. Plan to arrive Friday evening or very early Saturday morning. We will be planning and assigning the work crews at breakfast on Saturday.

3. Come prepared for the weather, both for outdoor work and for evenings/overnight.

4. Be prepared to have a great weekend!

IMPORTANT NOTE: As for all volunteer activities at the camp, the Scouts Canada Child & Youth Safety training is required to be on the camp property.  Clean Police Reference Checks are required to stay overnight at the camp. See more information here

Optional—Bring musical instruments for playing tunes in the hub Friday & Saturday evenings.

Trails Weekend 2013 Registration

Proposed Changes to HSRSA Membership Criteria

To be tabled for review by membership at the 2013 Annual General Meeting – held at HSR during alumni reunion weekend, August 9 – 11, 2013membership revision 2013


2012 Bursary Recipient

MikeFengler1One of the things that the Haliburton Scout Reserve Alumni Association is especially proud to be able to do is award a bursary each year to a member of the current staff who is beginning or continuing his or her post-secondary education when the summer ends.

We know that every little bit helps, and we know that the recipient will by definition be “wise in the use of the resource”. Because we believe that just choosing to work at HSR demonstrates an admirable strength of character, choosing a winner is always a difficult decision.

The winner of the 2012 HSRSAA Bursary was Michael Fengler, who had already graduated from Timmins’ Northern College as a Civil Engineering Technologist and has begun work at the University of New Brunswick this fall to start earning a Bachelor of Geomatics.

He has been coming to HSR since 2006, working there since 2008 and, like many of us, would love nothing more than to spend a few more summers there, and the HSR Staff Alumni Association is pleased to be able to make a small contribution towards making that possible.

Congratulations Mike!

Parrots, Paddling and Ponderings


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Troop 39 to Canada, 1961 | The Carrboro Citizen

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Bursary Donations

Thank you to Cassaundra-Leigh Pitul and Ted Aylan-Parker for their recent donations to the Bursary!

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Katrina at

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